Paul Dorbec

Ph.D HDR in Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics
Professor at University of Caen-Normandy.,

Head of the research group Amacc in GREYC, UMR 6072

Assistant director of IUT Grand Ouest Normandie, in charge of Caen Area (including Ifs, Lisieux, Vire)

E-mail : paul.dorbec -à-

Address on campus 2 (research):

Greyc, University of Caen Normandy
Campus Côte de Nacre
Boulevard du Maréchal Juin
Building Sciences 3
CS 14032
14032 CAEN cedex 5
Phone : +33 2 31 56 73 76

Address on campus 3 (teaching)

IUT de Caen-Ifs,
Département Informatique,
Rue Anton Tchekhov
BP 53,
14123 IFS Cedex
Phone: +33 2 31 52 55 24

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